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Top 10 Resons to visit Gravity Hill

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There may be well over a million reasons to visit the Hill, but we could only think of ten.


If your glass is half empty, your outlook can only improve.


Ice cream cones aren't as messy on a hot day


Less chance of birds splattering your clean car.


The wonder bra works better than advertised.


Light beer ... even lighter.


Last place the cops would think to look for you.


It's free ... but you can impress everyone with tales of booking the place for a cool "C" note.


Less chance of life-threatening injury ingesting pop-rocks.


Less overflow from those saggy diapers that leak.


It's not the end of the world ... but you can see it from here.

As seen on TV


Dennis Murphy went through life a 97 pound
weakling, afraid of his own shadow. But his life
changed one summer afternoon when he experienced
the power of Gravity Hill. Now living the life
of a hermit friar, he tells of his life-changing
moment at Gravity Hill.

"After living through that shocking experience of
an earth with no gravity, I came to understand that
everything else in life is small potatoes. It helped
me put the rest of my fears in perspective. I then
decided to devote my life to meditation about that

Friar Murphy now resides in a remote corner of
Bedford County, shunning almost all social contact.
He lives a simple life in quiet meditation, with no running water and no electricity.


Effective 13 February 2003At the request of officials from the Vatican, Friar Murphy no longer does interviews regarding his experience at Gravity Hill.

As seen on TV

People come from all over to experience Gravity Hill. Gravity Hill was featured on PBS's Dave and Dave show in 2008. Click HERE to read more.

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As long as you are coming to see Gravity Hill, you may as well check out the rest of the county.



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GH Gifts

It's what you need to show the whole world, "Been there, done that!" Order here, or drop by the Bedford County Visitors Bureau in downtown Bedford.

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GH & Covered Bridge Driving Tour

If you want to do more than just Gravity Hill, take this excellent 90 minute driving tour of the Covered Bridges and Gravity HIll.


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