Have you ever wanted to defy gravity? You could book a seat on the space shuttle, but by the time you buy a ticket, rent your space suit and drive to the launch site, you’ll have well over $10 invested. For a lot less money, (free actually) you can defy gravity in Bedford County, PA.

Located in the suburbs of New Paris, PA (South Central Pennsylvania)… Gravity Hill is a phenomenon. Cars roll uphill and water flows the wrong way. It’s a place where gravity has gone haywire. There is no fee to venture onto Gravity Hill. It is, quite simply, a road in a remote corner of Bedford County.

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Visit Bedford County, PA

As long as you are coming to see Gravity Hill, you may as well check out the rest of the county.

Covered Bridge Driving Tour

If you want to do more than just Gravity Hill, take this excellent 90 minute driving tour of the Covered Bridges and Gravity HIll.

Gravity Hill Etiquette

1. Check your rearview mirror before doing the hill backwards.
2. Never turn around in the "local's" yards.
3. Wave and smile when folks pass by.
4. Let folks by if they're trying to get past you.

Be courteous (Some familes live out beyond this road.)

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More Info?

The Bedford County Visitors Guide is the mother lode of info about the area around Gravity Hill. When you call for your Gravity Hill Brochure, ask for it by name. (800)765-3331