How To Get There...

We’ll assume that you’ll be able to find Route 30 on any Pennsylvania or Bedford County Map. FYI, we can send you a Visitors Guide (complete with a Bedford County Map) if you call (800)765-3331. From route 30, drive to the town of Schellsburg which is about 8 miles west of Bedford. In Schellsburg, turn north onto Route 96 at the one-and-only traffic light (towards the town of New Paris). Drive about 4 miles on Rt. 96. Before you come to the town of New Paris, you’ll come upon a small metal bridge. The sides of the bridge are metal … the road surface is paved. Turn left just before this bridge onto Bethel Hollow Road or S.R 4016. Drive for 6/10th of a mile and bear left at the “Y” in the road. (Stay on the “main” road). After another 1 1/2 mile, you’ll come to an intersection that has a stop sign (for on-coming traffic only). Bear right onto this road and drive 2 tenths of a mile and look for the letters “GH” spray painted on the road. Go past the first “GH” about .1 mile and stop before you get to the second spray painted “GH”. This is it, Pilgrim. You have arrived.

What To Do When You Get There.

Stay calm … keep cool. As you strain your ears to hear the laws of physics being shattered, put your car in neutral (after checking behind you for oncoming traffic, of course) and take your foot off the brake. Your car will roll, uphill. Some people like to take water or various other non-flammable, bio-degradeable liquids and pour them onto the road. The liquids will flow uphill.

(Your car might lie to you, but pure water will not … you will believe in the power of Gravity Hill!)

Unmarked Gravity Hill

There is a second, unmarked Gravity Hill, just .3 mile past the second, spray painted, “GH”. Look for the telephone pole with the number “69”. Stop beside this pole and defy gravity once again. When you and your loved ones have been sufficiently awestruck, you can head for a small turn around area just .1 mile further (it’ll be on your left). You should return, back the way you came, to route 96. Turn right (south) onto Rt. 96 and drive 3-4 miles to the town of Schellsburg. You are once again back at Rt. 30. Bedford is to your left (east).

Visit Bedford County, PA

As long as you are coming to see Gravity Hill, you may as well check out the rest of the county.

Covered Bridge Driving Tour

If you want to do more than just Gravity Hill, take this excellent 90 minute driving tour of the Covered Bridges and Gravity HIll.

Gravity Hill Etiquette

1. Check your rearview mirror before doing the hill backwards.
2. Never turn around in the "local's" yards.
3. Wave and smile when folks pass by.
4. Let folks by if they're trying to get past you.

Be courteous (Some familes live out beyond this road.)

Contact Us!

If you want more info about Gravity HIll, and are cool, calm and collected, we'll send you "THE OFFICIAL (as it gets) GUIDE" to Gravity Hill, and our Bedford County Visitors Guide.

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More Info?

The Bedford County Visitors Guide is the mother lode of info about the area around Gravity Hill. When you call for your Gravity Hill Brochure, ask for it by name. (800)765-3331